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I live to groove and I groove to live. I put things into perspective. I'm a passionate person who brings it to life and to my own craft. I'm a creative singer, songwriter, lyricist, trumpeter, DJ, producer, composer, arranger, music aficionado, lover, fun-lovin' (fun to love and fun to be loved by) and last but not least, all around cool guy. I'm a musician for hire and am becomin' a name that is dropped both locally and internationally. Call me Swanky. I'm out here to musically influence the world and to spread love through music.

Open your mind and I'll open your soul...

This joint is pretty low thoughts spill on the canvas. You can use your paintbrush to make use of the colours.

I am the leader of a hip hop/jazz/funk band called The Vibrasonic Sessions

I am 1/2 of The International Incident a.k.a. (with Chile's own Max Damage)

I am Octavio Santos (yes, my birth name) when it comes to trumpet work and vocals

I am Swanky when it comes to mic work and rippin' it lyrically

You will find me in many projects...lend me your eardrums.





For bookings, inquiries, recordings and arrangements:
oncsantos6 (at) gmail (dot) com
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27 January 12

Earth, Wind & Fire - Got To Get You Into My Life (A&E Live By Request)

Philip Bailey is such a G.

26 January 12

D’Angelo - Chicken Grease - Live In Stockholm (26/01/12)



7 January 12

Betty Wright & The Roots Feat. Joss Stone - Whisper In The Wind

Never have I bugged out so much for an album. Like, I have…but you really need to impress me HARD to be all nuts about an album.

I’ll call an album sick, good, ok or aight…but “Betty Wright: The Movie"…ONE OF THE BEST RELEASES OF 2011!!!!!

I was in a euphoric state of mind.


Now you see how passionate I get with music? Stuff like this pushes me to make music.

Undun" was a sick Roots album of 2011…but if you wanna throw tomatoes or sticks of dynamite at me when I say Betty's album trumps “Undun"…

Just waitin’ for y’all to throw shit at me.

It’s two different genres right?


You know what…if I had a shit ton of money, I’d buy EVERYONE (provided you’re cool with me) THIS ALBUM. I WILL SHELL OUT TO BUY ALL OF YOU ONE.

That’s how much I believe in this album. I love it so much.

Old school meets new school.

It’s unbelievably good from start to finish.

Posted: 1:19 AM

Anthony Hamilton - The Point Of It All

This, my Tumblr followers, is a certified wedding song. The Avila Brothers produced it…I didn’t even know…and well, you already know what I think of them.

I’ve written a Christmas song, I’ve written numerous love songs (that y’all will hear in time)…but a wedding song? Wait…are they one in the same? Kinda. But hey…gotta add that to the writing block =)

I can’t stay away from you too long
Even if I do I’ll always call
Checkin’ on you, make sure you’re ok
Be the one to brighten up your day

And the point of it all
Is I love you
You know I love you baby

My days seem long
Whenever we’re apart
It’s like someone
Has thrown away my heart
You’re a major part of my life
And no matter what the storm may bring
I’m fine with you

And the point of it all
Is I love you
And the reason for it all
Is I love you

Oh, I love you
Oh, I love you

I can’t stay away too long
I can’t stay away from you baby
I can’t stay away too long
Don’t wanna be without you
I need you
I can’t stay away too long
Oh, why don’t you stay around for a while?
I can’t stay away too long

And the point of it all (4x)
Ohhohhh, and the reason for it all
And the point of it all
Is I love you
I love you, love you, love you…

Whenever we’re apart
It damn near starves my heart
I don’t ever want to be apart
I don’t want to be without you girl

6 January 12

Anthony Hamilton - Back to Love Track by Track: “I’ll Wait (To Fall In Love)”

And I’ll be doin’ some of this for y’all when I finish my songs up…breakin’ it down. The point of why I put my feelings into each song…its relevance…the story behind it. If you’ve been focused on my blog, you know I’ve done it already in words…type, type, typin’ away…

I could dissect it to the nth degree. Some y’all who I’ve had the privilege of having an ear behind my reasonings (in person or on the phone) for writing the songs on my album know what’s up and how much heart I put into it lyrically.

The song that he’s talkin’ about is here.

Posted: 10:54 PM

Brian McKnight - What’s My Name

See I know what you want, girl you know I aim to please. I could put in less work, but that’s not my style.

Puttin’ in less work is definitely NOT my style.

5 January 12

Anthony Hamilton - I’ll Wait (To Fall In Love)

I just copped Anthony Hamilton's “Back To Love" album and man…this is my favourite cut!!!!!

The Avila Brothers (Bobby and IZ) aren’t unknown to the music production biz, but today was when I paid attention to them. I’m sure I’ve listened to plenty of R&B and they produced some of them. These Latinos are too dope with it!!!

That sitar is sooooooo key!!!

It was my good morning joint!

It’s one of those productions that I wish I had the privilege of workin’ on.

4 January 12

Mint Condition - Nothing Left To Say

MY FAVOURITE JOINT from these Minnesota cats!

I really want to see them live if they ever come to Toronto.

3 January 12

Bobby V Feat. Raphael Saadiq - Just Me & You

So I’m nominating you.

31 December 11

Eric Roberson Feat. Omari Hardwick - Love’s Withdrawal

You know how much I’m a fan of Eric Roberson with respect for his music. If you follow me intently, you know.

I tweeted him last night and he responded back.

@SwankySwagger tweets

@IAmEricRoberson responds

@SwankySwagger RT responds

Omari Hardwick's spoken word poetry at the end capped it off nicely!


25 December 11

Octavio Santos - Spend It With You (prod. Living Soul Music)

This my Christmas present to y’all for 2011. Read on, download, enjoy and share! Merry Christmas and one love.



LABEL: I’m Swanky Like That Music/JaZZlickz
RELEASE DATE: December 25, 2011

Octavio Santos – Spend It With You
[O.N. Santos, D. Seale]

Written by Octavio Santos
Produced by Living Soul Music
All vocals, trumpet/flugelhorn, vocal and horn arrangement by Octavio Santos
Vocals and horns recorded by Octavio Santos at The Groove Cafeteria, Mississauga, ON.
Mixed by Living Soul Music
I’m Swanky Like That Music/JaZZlickz © 2011 

Swanky says - liner notes:

The holidays are a time for rest, spending quality time with loved ones and looking forward to a refresh from the calendar and onto the new year. I decided to write a Christmas song this year because it seemed fitting. I’ve always wanted to write one, but I never got around to finishing one. Last year was my attempt and I scrapped it. This year is my completed one from scratch. As a person who believes that love is essential in life and without it emptiness follows, the inspiration in writing this song came into play. I knew exactly what I wanted to say. Because it’s my first written Christmas song, this will hold near and dear to me.

I called upon my Vibrasonic Sessions keyboardist David Seale (Living Soul Music) to paint me the musical picture I desired. I can tell you it was quite hectic coupled with work and other musical projects. It was crunch time down to the wire trying to get this ready for you (YES, YOU…YOU ARE READING THIS) on Christmas Day. The long nights spent in the studio, methodically calculating how the music was to be executed, not only for myself but for Dave who had his own musical projects to work on (“A Merry CHRIST-MUSTEP with JustVibes and also working with my Vibrasonic Sessions band backing Casey Yugo), was all a labour of love. It’s love for the music that we do. You probably don’t want to feel like our sleep deprived and exhausted selves after finishing this up, but you definitely want to feel our sense of accomplishment that followed. Thanks a million Dave for musically pulling through and having my back…you nail a clutch J from 3-point land brother!

To Jay Laws: I would’ve wanted you to lace this with your ridiculous bass playing skills, but it looks like the schedules never matched up. I was so excited when your name popped up as a potential player on this track! We will definitely write some hits as a trio soon enough.

As we approach 2011’s near, I look back and see that life was a rollercoaster filled with its ups and downs. Normally, that’s what life throws at you…curveballs…but then, if you’re sharp enough, you’ll be able to drive ‘em out the ballpark. I’ve met faces, seen smiles as bright as the Aurora Borealis and have been fortunate that my musical endeavours have launched themselves into official labeled releases. Just as blessings have come around my way, they’ve also touched you too no doubt. You may not have noticed them, but if you look around it will appear in front of you as clear as day. Don’t forget to count them.

2012 will be no exception. Music will be at the forefront and it’ll just get better.

Spend It With You" calls you to grab that special someone during this winter season. Hold them tight and keep them warm. Don’t reserve this action for one season…you have four remember?

I wanted to give each and everyone a soul hug that’s been truly supporting my music wholeheartedly. I appreciate y’all very much. Thank you to those who have stuck around.

This is my Christmas present to you.

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and you’ll hear from me in the new year.

Please share/tweet/re-post to any music aficionado.

Much love and Reese’s peace,


P.S. A big shout out to Mina Senturk for being instrumental as well in allowing me to finish this and being understanding in regards to my lack of sleep from studio work. Thank you so much.



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Octavio Santos – Spend It With You
[O.N. Santos, D. Seale]

Snow falling down, the weather trend
Traffic seems to never end
It’s a rush to wonderland
But it’s never a chore when you’re near

Holiday songs fill the air
Cold just hits without a care
Hugs are valuable, the warmth it bears
You can cuddle with me my dear

[Malls are crowded all around]
Shopping sprees
[You can hear the busy sound] 
Children saying please 
To toys on the shelves
To go under the tree

[Carols being sung]
I hear la la las
[That are pleasing everyone]
And the smiles it caused
The sweetest thing
I have you with me

Girl, it’s Christmas
[It’s Christmas]
You’re the gift that I look forward to
Unwrap you in my arms ‘cause you’re mine
[By the fireplace, feel your warm embrace]
You’re the star on my tree, that’s bright in my mind

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
And I’m grateful baby that I get to spend it with you

Mornings and hot chocolate
Waking to you is heaven sent
Love surrounds us for the betterment
In keepin’ our fire aflame

Lazy weekends, sleeping in
Neighbours outside shoveling
While we’re inside listening
To music with tastes just the same

[Santas everywhere]
Spreading Christmas cheer
[Sporting red in what they wear]
Yes they’ve made it clear
That it’s time for joy
With the love you can bring

[Candy canes galore]
Hung around the trees
[The excitement fills floor]
And it’s made with ease
In the atmosphere
Gives you reason to sing


(You, you)
And I get to spend it with you (you, you)
The feeling is precious and
I can’t wait another day
To spend it with someone who brightens the way


Octavio N. Santos c/o I’m Swanky Like That Music
The Vibrasonic Sessions
Facebook/E-mail oncsantos6 (at) gmail (dot) com for bookings or reach the following:


22 December 11

Boyz II Men - Let It Snow

YUHHHHHH…Christmas spirit and the love it brings with music. That’s what’s up.

20 December 11

Vocal Paint - My Butterfly

This is my brotha Jason Simmons. If y’all don’t know. NOW YOU KNOW. Vocal Paint is a project series which is dedicated to creating lullabies in acappella for young children. I still think it’s grown folk music.

I’m really amazed at how this project turned out.

We’ve spoken about makin’ music when he saw my drummer, keyboardist and I in the studio t’werkin’ the drum work for my cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Rocket Love”.

He’s totally down which is great.

I’mma get work in with him in the new year.

Enjoy this though, especially for y’all who have trouble sleeping.

Watch him here as well.

19 December 11

Octavio Santos - Spend It With You (ACAPPELLA ROUGH MIX SNIPPET)

I sent the full version of this to my Vibrasonic Sessions keyboardist and producer David Seale a.k.a. The 7th Seale. Let’s get some keys. Add live drums or programmed? I like live.

I really hope we finish this in time for Christmas, for this will be the first Christmas song I’ve written.

LYRICS ARE HERE. Obviously FAIL on a December 1st release

Hopefully on Tuesday when David meets with Jay Laws (the man is a phenomenal bassist who’s been acquired by both Drake and J. Biebs on tour among others), he will make his bass shine on it. Then I’ll add a little more vocals and some horn work to make sure I spread a little audio love over the Christmas holidays for all y’all =)

Crossin’ my fingers that this gets out in time!

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh